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Andrew Sikomas

My job is to help keep as much of your money in your pocket as possible. I am a huge technology freak and I love data and numbers. My nerdy love for numbers and spreadsheets transfers well to the mortgage world where I find ways to get things done. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right – I’m great at parties! My biggest fans are people who embrace technology to make things easier, and who expect the same from the people they do business with. I communicate well, and often. My team and I live and die by the quality of your experience with us. I am also grateful and proud to be involved with Community Key. I make a donation to Community Key for every mortgage I arrange. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope we connect soon.
The Boring Stuff

My professional background is over a decade in managing large and complex legal and financial stuff for energy companies. I’ve been a mortgage broker since 2010, my educational background is in Business and Information Technology, and I have been a personal finance addict since I can remember. I am fuelled by caffeine and a mission to make sure people have expert advice, professional and competent service/knowledge, and plenty of choice (of rates, products, and lenders) when they get a mortgage. I’ve been mistreated during the mortgage and loan processes many times as a consumer, and every time I’m still somehow surprised by it. Recently I was reminded how bad it can be, and it keeps me highly focused on my mission.

Community Key - Read More

Founded by Quantus team members, Community Key helps families who have to decide between “do I go to the hospital to be with my sick/dying kid?” or “do I go to work so we don’t lose our home?” No family should ever have to make that choice. I volunteer my time to help with the technology and I make a donation for every mortgage I arrange.

Proud Supporter of Community Key
A family should never be forced to choose between going back to work and caring for a sick or injured child.

real people. real reviews.

  •   Andrew has been very helpful all along that process what was sometimes complex and demanding. He is patient and answers every question you may have. We have also appreciated his availability and his understanding. We do highly recommend him! Thanks for everything Andrew, Suzie and Clément

    thumb Suzie Ouellet

      Andrew is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and very prompt with answering my emails. I enjoyed working with Andrew, and I look forward to working with him in the future.As a first time homebuyer, I was looking for resources to help me through the process when I came across a “First Time Home Buyer” info session hosted and facilitated by Andrew. I found the information session very informative, applicable to new buyers or those looking for a refresher when purchasing another home. When you think you’ve looked at everything, there’s at least one thing you may have overlooked – something I discovered after the session! Best part, it’s free to attend and it ran after 5pm on a weekday, making it easy to attend.Andrew not only helped me through the application and commitment letter, he also found me a great rate. I highly recommend him!

    thumb Mikhael V. Monge

      Andrew was incredibly knowledgable and professional during our experience with him. He was available to answer any questions and always responded in a timely manner. He always had our best interest in mind, and we cannot thank him enough for all of the time and energy he put into helping us out. We would highly recommend him!

    thumb Jen Andric
  •   We worked with Andrew with our recent mortgage on the recommendation from our family friend and we were extremely happy that we took our friend's advice. He really went into detailed process of acquiring a mortgage and answered all the questions we had. Andrew was very easy to get a hold of when you needed to ask any questions or have concerns and explained everything we needed to know about the different types of mortgages out there. Andrew was extremely helpful and did everything in a timely manner! He was excellent and I highly recommend Andrew!

    thumb Carlo Lapuz

      Andrew helped us with our mortgage renewal. It was seamless. Andrew was a great help and explained all options, and came up with the best solution for us. I will recommend him to absolutely anyone that needs a mortgage broker!

    thumb Tina Elia Gallo

      I really enjoyed your presentation tonight, very informative. I am looking forward to working with you in the future!

    thumb Fabiola Filippin
  •   I absolutely cannot give enough praise to Andrew for the amazing work he did finding me a lender that would work with my stressful situation. He was so knowledgeable, and incredibly patient and literally answered my questions in mere minutes. He worked his tail off for me and I am forever grateful. I will be recommending Andrew to everyone I know - and then some! Thank you so much Andrew, your hard work is appreciated, much more than you know.

    thumb Lisa Colvin-Casey

      Great knowledge of the Calgary market. Andrew was a great advisor in helping me and my wife in purchasing our first home. It's refreshing to have someone who will look out for the buyers needs and not just concerned with making a sale. Defiantly recommend him to any friends.

    thumb Sean Hewer

      I was recommended to him by a friend of my sisters. Andrew is professional, very patient, always available and responded to e-mails and telephone calls in a very efficient manner. I had a bit of a complicated situation where I had to access him over a period of 9 months and he was very helpful and encouraging. I hope to live in my home for many years to come but would use his services again in a heartbeat and would recommend his services.

    thumb Diane Ockley
  •   BEST. MORTGAGE. BROKER. EVER! As a first time home buyer I was pretty nervous about getting started. I really didn't know much about the application process. Andrew made it simple, fun and he took the time to answer all of my questions. He's extremely knowledgeable, professional and very helpful. I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone, he made what could have been and incredibly stressful time very enjoyable.

    thumb Kyle Leggett

      As a first time home buyer, I really appreciated Andrew's guidance and always felt he had my best interest in mind. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to finance their next home!

    thumb Samuel William

      Andrew is awesome. Very detailed in explaining the whole process and when answering our questions. He also gave us regular updates through emails, which was very convenient for us. I would highly recommend him.

    thumb Vanessa Los Banos Listana
  •   Andrew is extremely professional and knowledgeable! The process from start to finish was great. He was easily accessible for any questions, advice or concerns and we always knew he was working hard for us.Thanks again!

    thumb Logan Sebesteny

      We first found Andrew through Facebook and attended one of his First Time Homebuyer Workshops which provided us with a ton of important information, and a lot of tips for things we had never thought of. We wouldn't have even started looking at properties until we learned that we could actually afford something in a decent price range.Andrew sat down with us to review our numbers and financial situation to advise us on different options based on the market. This was a great starting point and allowed us to find a property we wanted, so we went for it and got it!After our offer was accepted, as first time home buyers we could never have imaged the amount of paperwork, forms, and documents required that need to be sent to so many different people. Andrew was extremely organized and helped us stay on track, letting us know exactly what we needed.We were both extremely impressed with his services and Andrew as a personal as well. Very easy to communicate with and we would gladly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home!

    thumb Stephen MacPherson

      I had to post this on behalf of a client - I couldn't get the page to show the Reviews section for her, but wanted to share this!"We just moved into our new home and it's all thanks to Andrew. We really can't say enough great things about him. Our situation was not an easy one. We hit many bumps in the road but Andrew always found us a way out. He is a highly knowledgeable and extremely detailed, we were never left wondering. He is tenacious, organized and very professional, he always contacted us with any updates, as soon as he got them. Andrew is dedicated to know and appreciate his clients' needs and goals. He explains everything step-by-step and is always available to answer any questions you may have. He works with integrity and passion, and truly goes the extra mile to achieve a positive outcome. Andrew sets the bar when it comes to working with someone that believes in what they do. We would not be in our beautiful new house if it weren't for him and his hard work! We HIGHLY recommend him to everyone!"

    thumb Andrew Sikomas
  •   Andrew is amazing. He always goes above and beyond and does what is best for the client!

    thumb Lisa Taylor

      My wife and I were hoping to one day be ready to purchase our first home and what started with a simple question to Andrew ended up with me writing this review in our new house only 4 weeks after!!.. Andrew was great and made it all so easy.. he gave us great advise, was always in touch answering all our questions and made it all happen for us. We can't recommend him enough.

    thumb Jorge A Perea

      I reached out to Andrew years ago to assist me in getting on track to be able to buy my own place one day. It took me a while, but with Andrews help I finally was able to achieve my goal and moved into my new place a month ago! I can't say enough great things about my experience with him. He would check in every once and a while, giving me tips on how to best prepare my finances and general advice on the home buying process (I was new to it and overwhelmed at times). During the purchasing to possession time, he was extremely diligent and strategic on finding the best financing and interest rate. I had a bit of a unique situation and I am extremely happy and grateful that someone had referred me to him. Andrew is patient (especially during those anxious times!), positive, and always happy to help. He has a ton of knowledge and was always quick to answer my emails or phone calls. Thanks so much for all your help and assistance over the years Andrew!! 🙂

    thumb Megan Coyle
  •   We are very happy that we chose Andrew as our broker! From the very first meeting till the day we got the keys and even after Andrew was on top of the game, keeping us updated and taking care of all necessary documentation. Even when things went not as we expected due to seller's fault, he did his best to rectify the situation and made sure that our house purchasing experience remained superb. Thank you Andrew! Highly recommend him to anyone!

    thumb Valentin Yassinskiy

      Andrew was amazing! He made me feel like I was the most important thing on his "to do" list. I would recommend him in a nano second!!

    thumb Deb Takacs Turcott

      Andrew always went above and beyond to fulfill his responsibilities as our mortgage broker and in educating us about the entire home buying process! With Andrew, it was never a one-way street -- he always provided us with multiple options, while explaining the pros and cons for each, helping us make informed decisions every step of the way. We have had a series of online, over-the-phone, and in person 1-on-1 sessions over the past few months, where Andrew answered our questions, provided us with clarifications, and won our confidence that we can rely his advice and expertise. Despite his rich reserve of knowledge on mortgage and real estate, he never hesitated to take more time to tap into his professional resources and get back to us later with useful, additional information. Therefore, we always found him to be resourceful! I would recommend Andrew to anyone I know without any reservation knowing that they will be in good hands!

    thumb Mahmudul Hasan
  •   Dealing with Andrew was amazing. He made the whole process as seamless as possible. My favourite part was the constant emails I would receive every time the rates dropped before I had to lock in. I also enjoyed his recommendations for my realtor and his advice on how to go about getting the best deal for me. Thank you for all Your help.

    thumb Brenda Murley

      Great job Andrew, he made getting a mortgage painless and easy. I am now in my house and loving it!

    thumb Kent William Skalicky

      Andrew was fantastic! As a first time home buyer, I didn't know much about the mortgage process. Andrew guided me every step of the way and got me a great rate. He was available at all times to answer all my questions. I would highly recommend him!

    thumb Danielle Steffensen

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I’ve built excellent relationships with several lenders. More lenders means a better product fit. A better product fit means you get the mortgage that fits your life.

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Every mortgage broker worth their salt can get you an awesome rate.

If you want to know a rate, please contact me now. After just a few questions, I can make sure I give you the right information. There are lots of rates out there, from lots of brokers and lenders. They can vary by a lot – 0.25% or more – for what looks like identical mortgage products. Even the fine print shown is only part of the rate story. If you’re someone who’s OK taking some of the additional risks, I’ll quote you those rates. I’ll also make sure you’re not getting set up for a huge unwelcome surprise if your life circumstances change.

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When your new mortgage is funded by the lender, I am paid a commission. There are no charges to you as the borrower.

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Can I Get A Mortgage With No Downpayment?

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Minimum Required Credit Profile

Minimum Required Credit Profile

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Homebuyers: Avoid These Common Mortgage Pitfalls

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