Over the top

Andrew went over the top on our behalf. Our mortgage was no easy feat yet he did everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, he could and we were rewarded with a premium rate on our mortgage.

John B.

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Above and beyond for young family

We were told flat out that we were not eligible for a mortgage… Until we met Andrew. Above and beyond doesn’t even come close to describing how dedicated and hard working he is. We know we would not have gotten a house without him and we are forever grateful and thankful for what he gave us – a home.

Kendra P. and Rodney M.

First time buyer couldn’t be happier

Well it finally happened…I am officially in my new home! I can’t thank you enough for all of the work you did to help me get the best rates and best lender for my needs. You, Dan and MJ (lawyer) all had your work cut out for you in this transaction…my Super Team!! I couldn’t be happier with all of your help. I will be sure to post nothing but high praise on Westnet for the airline world to see. Its not nearly enough to show how grateful I am but it’s all I got..my soapbox!

Brenda M.

More Choice

More lenders means a better product fit. These are just some of our partners.

Great Rate

Competition is a wonderful thing.

Every mortgage broker worth their salt can get you an awesome rate.

If you want to know a rate, please contact us now. After just a few questions, we can make sure we give you the right information. There are lots of rates out there, from lots of brokers and lenders. They can vary by a lot – 0.25% or more – for what look like identical mortgage products. Even the fine print shown is only part of the rate story. If you’re someone who’s OK taking some of the additional risks, we’ll quote you those rates. We’ll also make sure you’re not getting set up for a huge unwelcome surprise if your life circumstances change.

No Charge

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better.

When your new mortgage is funded by the lender, we are paid a commission by that lender.

We are paid a small percentage of the total loan amount. The amount we are paid varies, and is generally based on the amount borrowed and for how long.

There are no charges to you as the borrower. Except on very rare occasion, and if that’s the case, we’ll tell you right up front.

More Choice. Great Rate. No Charge.

Deep Thoughts..

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