Getting Ahead Financially, and other stuff

Don’t Assume Anything!

From experience, I can tell you that having a plan is crucial to a successful #mortgage application. Making assumptions about your #qualification, or just “winging it” is a recipe for disaster.

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2019 Mortgage Rules – What’s Next?

2019 mortgage rules are not all that different from last year. But that doesn't mean much. Everything is still pretty much upside down.In fact, since the stress test came into play, I am happy to report the government has not made any other major...

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Finding the Right Home Without Blowing Your Budget

If you have been looking to find the right first home within your budget, it's a matter of mind over money, here's some tips from Genworth Financial that will help you keep perspective! It’s hard to say “goodbye” to your dream home. But if you fall for a house that’s...

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